Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hummingbird Heartbeat

After 3 eons, my boyfriend and I finally had sex.

"oh my @#$%^&*($#" was all I can think of while we were exchanging juices. And man, it was sooo good. I felt like I'm a virgin all over again minus the pag-iinarte and keme. That fresh, tight and eager feeling, oh yeah! :-)

And while we were doing that in-out thing, I found myself cumming without even touching myself. My boyfriend thinks he was that good, I stopped myself from saying "I was doing all the work darling". But it's ok. I'm a happy camper and I badly need sex. I got what I need after few weeks of the routine stressful life that is medschool.

My boyfriend wanted me to cum again after 5 seconds. But hey, you know that's impossible so I just asked him to do the in-out slovosch thing again. He was limp already so I allowed ourselves some time off to recover, I stayed on top of him, listened to our heart beats as they drum as one. It was one sweet lullaby. I fell asleep.

After 30 minutes maybe, I saw him dressing, getting ready to leave. I started fixing myself too so I can take him home. I gave him a hug before we left the apartment.

We walked to the main road for his ride home. We were silent. I was wondering what's running inside his head.

And then he told me, "Leave. Don't ever have sex with me again... if you're just going to sleep after because that is so insulting. Leave now."

But I stayed. I felt his words rip my heart to three. I was guilty. And then I saw him take the cab and leave.


PS He can't blame my body for doing what is physiologic, hello refractory period!!!

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  1. my ex was a resident while i was a junior intern back then. there were times when i doze off right after cumming without returning the favor. but he understands my situation, especially when we have sex after my 36-hour duties. i just tell him na babawi ako kinabukasan. :)