Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mistress of Dr. Tan

Oh hello I know long time no blog post.

Actually no time for anything. I would love to say thank you weather for making me stay at home for 2 straight days, and for giving me some alone time (oh yeah, I miss porn and jacking off and manroulette-ing and fuckroulette-ing) but since people are actually wet and starving and unhappy and probably dying (huhu) outside my tiny comfort zone, I'll save the gratitude for the next rainy day.

Well yeah, I should be studying right now but heck, my mind is clouded with thoughts such as:

"tanginaaaaa bed weather pero nasa computer chair ako nagaaraaaaal!"

"tanginaaaaaaaaaa I'm eating salad. I should be eating a person right now, devouring meat like I've never devoured anything in my entire life because that's what you do during rainy daaaays!!!"

"shet wala na naman yata kaming pasok bukas, sayang ang learning"

"how can I help with the relief operations if I can't even help myself"

My love life is ok. Sex comes every 5th week but it's ok. Cry cry. /wrist

Alex Tan

PS Yeah, I'm the mistress of Dr. Tan. HAHAHAHAHAH

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