Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good in Goodbye

The endeavor is vain. You cannot annihilate the eternal relic of the human heart, love. (Hugo)

She looked happy. And for one split second, I thought the world was about to crumble under my feet. I saw her again. The only woman I have ever loved. The only person I will ever love. Yeah, that kind of love that is eternal and pure, that gives patience to endure and hope to dream the impossible. The kind that tears you up from the inside, rips you apart and makes you whole again. The crazy, horrorshow feeling. Ah, love. 

They said you'll never really understand what love is until it is over, until you found that needle in the haystack and lose it seconds after, forever. That one brief moment of God knows what. Ah, bliss.

Our goodbyes were life's cue for us to take separate roads. It was as if the universe was conspiring not to give our love story a happy ending. It was over. That kind of separation that  leaves you bleeding until your heart beats no more, that makes you sleep but never rest, makes you talk but never make sense.

But life goes on. And over the years, I've been trying to make myself believe that we ended up where we're supposed to be. Screwed and fucked up as hell maybe, but better.

Then I saw you again.

And it was as if nothing ever changed.

I still love you.

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