Friday, May 25, 2012

Say 'fuck me harder'

Funny. Alex means 'he who wards off men' in Ancient Greece. Oh if our Guy up there knew one Alex will be born liking all the hot men in the world, he must have given that definition another thought. I like guys. Oh gosh, saying it doesn't even give it enough justice. 

I have stopped dreaming that the brain is the sexiest part of the male anatomy. So I go to the gym three  to four times a week, trying to carve those phantom muscles that I never thought were actually there. Screw nice long conversations, screw beliefs and dreams and random shit. It's all about those guns and abs. Face it. (But other than that, I also go to the gym for my daily dose of naked guys. Have I mentioned that I usually imagine myself getting
banged by all the cocky, aggressive, hairy muscle men in the locker room all at the same? Oh yeah.)

I'm in medical school. Yeah, I'm one of those lifeless, pale, annoying people you usually see studying in places where there is coffee, tables, and chairs (including 711 and ministop; only, I don't study in 711 and Ministop because THAT is just sooooo MASA). Those people who look like they won't get laid 'til they hit their 30s OR won't get laid at all. Those guys ready to give you that I'm-going-to-kill-you look whenever you laugh so hard as if rubbing on my face how pathetic my life is, wasting my youth studying the human body.

I went to medschool thinking it will be just like Grey's Anatomy. Only to find out that this profession is not just about fornicating the clerk, intern, resident, fellow and consultants you just met in the local pub. As much as you want to think that it is all about the exchange of love juices and repressed hormones, this profession is a lifetime commitment to healing - healing the wound that goes beyond what our eyes can see. Amazing sex with the hot doctor is just a BONUS.

And that's my story.

So if life fucks you hard, say 'fuck me harder'.


PS Oh and have I mentioned 'fuck me harder'?


  1. aaahhhh.. so this is your introductory piece. hehe!

    "this profession is a lifetime commitment to healing" - Vocation as they say.

  2. hope you still feel that way by the end of internship :D

    1. amazing sex with hot doctor? I HOPE SO TOO! HAHA